• Blue dress
  • Scarlet long sleeves pullover
  • Scarlet sleeveless pullover with school logo (Ken-Knit make only)
  • Scarlet Fleece with School Logo
  • Ankle length plain white socks
  • Apron: Tabald Style (For Art)
  • Black shoes (not sandals or pearly pumps)
  • Track Navy Blue with house colour stripes according to House Colour (School Pattern)
  • T-Shirt according to house colour: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue.
  • Light Blue Swim suit (School Pattern)
  • Light Blue Swimming cap
  • Towel
  • P.E. Tackies (With Rubber Shoes)


  • Wearing of school uniform is strictly compulsory.
  • Every article of clothing MUST be of the right colour and pattern