Every parent wants the best possible education for his/her child. Our kindergarten offers the opportunity to develop the attitudes, values and learning skills that provide a solid foundation to build on. We nurture each individual child’s talent in an environment that maximize the chances of fulfilling each child potential whilst at the same time ensuring happiness and spiritual growth. This is made possible by a team of highly experienced and devoted teachers.

This section is made up of Play Group, PP1 and PP2. Our doors are open to baby girls from the age of:

◆ Age 3 – 4 years (Play Group)
◆ Age 4 – 5 years (PP1)
◆ Age 5 – 6 years (PP2)

We give priority to the girls who graduate from our Kindergarten to join Class 1 in our School.

The school has strong Loreto ethos of discipline, values and spirituality to complement its academic programme as well as providing room for extra-curricular activities including Swimming, Ballet, Tennis, Football as well as participating in Music and Drama festivals