Loreto Convent Secondary School is an excellent learning facility offering the 8-4-4 curriculum of education. It is set in a serene conducive environment with day facilities for the girls for optimum learning.

At Loreto Convent Valley Road we provide the best in education. Since its establishment more than Eighty (80) years ago, it has held its own place among both private and government school in Nairobi. With a long tradition in Education the Loreto sisters have over the year kept pace with the ever changing demands in this field. Academic and moral development is a pre-requisite to education today if our youth have to claim their responsible places in the society.

Spiritual And Moral Environment

As a school we believe in the spiritual and moral development of each child that passes through LCVR both young and the adolescent. The school instils into its students sensitivity for the less privileged. Annually, it participates in Freedom from Hunger walk, the heart Run and the Diabetes walk. The school also does voluntary work at various hospitals and organises visits to Charity homes where the pupils make their contributions.